Women’s Support Events

An amazing group of ladies who are followers of Jesus Christ, stand together in the gap before another woman becomes an O.D. statistic. Women are suffering with various toxic issues that cause mental, emotional, and chemical addictions- Hope is Alive looks to help any woman to discover God’s goodness for a renewed life and triumph over any struggle they have.

Our women’s event will provide faith-based resources, encouragement, love, and friendship to help women in overcoming their struggles and finding freedom.


A program that intentionally develops friendships through mentoring, among women of different generations. Women invest in the lives of each other through encouragement, guidance, listening, laughing, and loving. The goal is to form strong and lasting relationships that are a source of support, growth, and strength.


Video testimonies from real people who depend on the Hope of Jesus Christ every day. Many have found the stories that we are all sharing encouraging.

Unify: Church-Community

The Goal of the Hope Is Alive Unify Initiative is to take a simple approach to build honor and unity in church-community.


Depression, despair, and addictions are on the rise, ravaging our local community and crippling families. HOPE IS ALIVE hosts events that points to the Ultimate Savior of Humanity who heals broken hearts giving people a new start with God’s goodness.