The Power & Love of Jesus

We believe Depression, Addiction, and Despair are symptoms of a deeper problem. We believe that there is complete healing and deliverance from any kind of life controlling issue through the power and love of Jesus Christ.

We connect those who are in a need of Hope to well established biblical ministries and faith-based resources.

If you need healing and deliverance from any life controlling issue, here are a list of resources you can connect with to find Hope, along with the Hope Is Alive 12 step RoadMap.

Hope Is Alive 12 step RoadMap

1. Hold onto Hope.
Expectation: Hold onto Hope that Jesus Christ will deliver you without a doubt.  Remember a valley of trouble leads to a doorway of Hope

2.Pinpoint Lies you believe about God and yourself.
Deception: “I am unloved by God” vs. “I’m not loved”

3. Discover where your belief in these lies has led to.
Direction: “I am discontent in my relationships which has led to marriage problems”

4. Pinpoint who has control over your life: God, world, enemy, yourself.
Control: “Due to my belief in being unloved by God, that led to feeling discontent and unloved in my marriage, I’ve been entangled with an alcohol and porn addiction. I no longer have control over my life, but the enemy does through addictions.”

5. Surrender control of your life back into His control and will.
Lordship: “Lord, I can’t do this anymore, I surrender, “You are Lord”, and reach out for help.”

6. Start processing of cleansing.
Cleansing: “Ask the Lord to cleanse you along with seeking an accountability partner to help you. Commit to sustaining yourself with The Word.”

7. Self Control.
Detox from all things that entangle or stumble you. For example, starve and detox your flesh of your carnal desires: love, food, porn, sex, drugs, and continue to replace with feeding yourself with The Word, Cast down thoughts of carnal desires.

Pray and Fast: “Do a complete 40 day fast from your worldly desires: sex, drugs, love, food, alcohol, intimacy, friendship, internet. Pray about fasting from certain people as well.”

9. Spiritual training in discernment and strengthening yourself
Wisdom: Ask for Wisdom and train yourself in discerning between good and almost good: These are exercises of walking past and around subtle traps set for you that will cause you to fall or stumble.

10. Clothe yourself in Christ
Identity: Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh: Do this by walking properly in the right direction, being clothed in the armor of light and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Continue to cast down thoughts that come against that.

11. Submit yourself to a human authority or covering.
Protection: Church, Pastor, Husband. Put others before yourself.

12. Fulfill your call in Christ
Legacy: Action-What is that? Seek out and pursue your call to help others find Hope in Christ as well.