An “I remember” story.
A personal testimony from everyday people of how God intervened in their life which will be shared to encourage others and glorify His faithfulness.

A Restoration story.
This is their personal recovery story. They would share how the Lord delivered them from Depression, Addiction or Despair. A beginning, middle and end is a good way to show the progression of how we got ourselves entangled with the enemy, but then how the Lord sets us free. This video shows there is always Hope, and that the Lord can truly set people free.

A Ministry story.
If you know of a ministry or run a ministry that is biblically based and offers Hope in Christ, then we want people to know about this! God continues to move hearts to do amazing things so we can help others in need.

Make a Difference

Video testimonies like these make a difference because in each case God uses His will and our voice to change hearts. Please upload you and your friend’s videos directly here and we will upload them to our Facebook and YouTube page so that the world knows that Hope Is Alive! Please also send a little description of the video and personal contact info. Comments/ Questions?