Rachel Czyz

A couple years ago I found myself on the darkest journey I had yet walked. I was crying out to God for physical and emotional strength before I could even open my eyes each morning. We had endured a couple years of grief, traumas, major life, and family transitions, and then a breast cancer journey. My HOPE in the daily routine of everyday life had been sucked out of me. I was losing HOPE that my dark hard journey would ever lead to a brighter place, and I would be stuck in it forever. The hard was all I could see and feel. But God always has a Plan to give us HOPE (Jeremiah 29.11), to restore and renew us. When I look back at my journaling, I can see the day I decided that I was going to begin to intentionally search for HOPE around me. In our journey ahead together, I will share how my HOPE was restored and renewed.

🖤 For those who are struggling right now, YOU are not alone. We are a community that wants to sit with you in your pain, walk with you thru your dark, and stay with you until HOPE is alive inside of you.

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