Abby Riggal

No one’s journey in this life is without trouble or pain but learning to trust in the Creator God to heal my brokenness instead of relying on self-power and gratification, lies of achievement has been my journey. My journey has been chasing the addiction of achievement. I was out to prove I was somebody and if I just achieved enough, I would matter to God, others, and myself. Only when I fell flat on my face with this, when I had a job where I tried my hardest and it didn’t matter, I was still put down. I had a child who had so many medical and physical needs that I couldn’t chase achievement in my health and exercise either….that God revealed that achievement was an idol in my life and something I relied on for fulfillment more than Him. Now I am seeking daily not to believe the lie of achievement, that it will sustain me, however, to trust God that only He has the power to heal, provide unchanging love that does not depend on my performance.

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